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Why do I need to service my garage door?
Your garage door is the largest moving object on your home. For your safety and longevity of your door manufacturers recommend that you service your door regularly, at least once per year especially near the coast.

For the most part you can do the service yourself, physical inspection and lubrication is key. When you book in a service we visually inspect the door for damage, make sure all moving parts are working properly, lubricate where required and ensure your auto opener works smoothly and safely. If you would like us to undertake a service, we are happy to book this in.

My door is very noisy when I use it
This could be a very simple solution or could be something that requires repair. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation. We will try and assist you over the phone or we will organise a service call for one of our technicians to attend in person.

My remote doesn’t work
Check to see if all of your remote aren’t working, including your internal wall switch and external keypad. If it is only one it is most likely a battery issue as all of these are battery operated. If none of your remotes are working check the powerpoint with another appliance (hairdryer etc) as you may have an electrical problem. If this doesn’t fix the problem please give us a call to organise a service.

When I press my remote, the light is coming on but the door isn’t moving.
There is a strong possibility that your door is in manual mode. Consult your auto opener paperwork for instructions on how to put in and out of manual mode. For roller doors there is normally a cord coming down from the motor on the side, pull once manual pull again auto. For Panel Lift Sectional Doors, there is a cord hanging from the motor in the centre of the garage. There could also be a chance that someone has manually locked the door.

My Panel Lift Sectional Door is hanging unevenly
There is a chance that you have a broken cable, you will need to organise a service where we will replace your broken cable and probably the one on the other side and undertake a full service while we are there.

The felt on my Roller Door is deteriorating
Unfortunately, this happens in time, the cost of removing your door bringing it back to the manufacturer and having the felt replaced is uneconomical. Your only option at this stage is to replace the door.  

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